Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Smarter UK, AllJoyn and Windows

Hey guys, it's been a great few weeks here.

Towards the end of last year, we managed to investigate and integrate Qualcomm's AllJoyn SDK which makes pairing devices over WIFI easier. We also entered a version of Phone Wars featuring WIFI play into the AllJoynAppChallenge, so please check out our entry and well as all the other cool submissions.

We also started working on the Windows Phone 8 port of our engine last week and have made some good progress, to the degree that the game menus and play works, and we have an OpenGL wrapper for Direct3D going. We just need to finish up our internet connectivity plugins and of course device testing before release. But we're close. I promise to create a write up or screen cast explaining the port as well as Open Sourcing a version of the code similar to how we presented our Intel port of our codebase.

Our game editor has been getting a public beta trial for the past few weeks also, and we've been here fixing up bugs and issues along the way. Currently the maps created can only be played via our Phone Wars game client, but we're working on our publication platform, where you'll be able to soon publish them out as your own Games. In the meantime, we've been working on a few ideas about better explaining the project, we have a survey here to help us pick a better name for our Play Editor.

And finally, the best news of today, we've been officially shortlisted for Smart UK Project’s Most Innovative Mobile Company award! We'll now get to pitch it out against 19 other great startups at UKTI’s pre-Mobile World Congress media event.

Wish us luck.